January 16, 2018: Book Launch – New York City


February 7, 2018: Geopolitics With Granieri – Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



March 14, 2018: World Affairs Council of Greater Reading – Reading, Pennsylvania



A Generational Mission: Arab Liberals and the Role of Media


Amid civil war, failing states, and terrorism, Arabs face a daunting struggle to roll back hostile forces and rebuild and revitalize their societies....


Podcasting Reason: Saudi Teens Promote Critical Thinking Online


In 2001, ten-year-old Omar al-Enezi, a native of the Red Sea port city of Jeddah, discovered critical thinking...


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December 15, 2017


December 16, 2017


Veteran Mideast peace envoy Dennis Ross has called Broadcasting Change an "important and original book," and writes, "Policymakers should read broadcasting change, but so should anyone who cares about and years for a different and more hopeful future in the Middle East."


December 17, 2017


Leading Saudi media figure and former Al-Arabiya GM Abdulrahman Al-Rashed has endorsed Broadcasting Change. He writes, "Braude's expertise in the Arabic language and history of deep involvement in the Arab world make him ideally suited to investigate the problems and the promise of this field."


"As Joseph Braude argues in this groundbreaking book, media can play a crucial role in countering extremism, challenging entrenched ideas, and bridging distances."


— Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, leading Saudi journalist and former General Manager of Al-Arabiya News Channel


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